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Bigdaddyjazz wrote at 2015-03-15 21:09:06
Zilco were made when Zildjian opened their plant in Canada in about 1959. Several workers emigrated from Turkey to Meductic New Brunswick to staff the plant. Both Zilco and Zildjian brands were made there including the K model. Zilco were generally lower priced than regular Zildjians and K's. Some say they were seconds but I believe they were just made with a lower cost alloy as lathing is the same as the real Z's. I bought a 20 inch Zilco ride brand new in 1969 and still have it. It is almost flat top with a very low bell. Mine is quite heavy and sound is mid but has lots of sustain, almost too much. I had it custom drilled for 4 sizzle rivets that was all the rage at the time. Mine is inscribed with Zilco Azco, made in Canada. I also have a 16 in crash in the regular Zildjian line. It is stamped 1st with the usual Turkish characters then Avedis Zildjian, Genuine Turkish Cymbals, made in Canada.

This is not a K which I understand only went into production in the 70s so this cymbal may have been made in the 60's or early 70's

Both are for sale

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