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QUESTION: Hi. I started learning guitar last month. I'm 16 by the way. Then, one of my friends is playing drums for last two Years. I watch him play. I enjoy his playing. I'm finding guitar rather hard to play. So, he gave me a few drums lesson. Well, astonishingly I've become more interested in drumming. I can almost predict the notes and what I should trigger after a certain note of drums. So, should I move on to drumming or not. I think it will be better for me. I also want to ask you to give me an opinion. I think drumming is easier than guitar playing. Is it true?


ANSWER: Hi Andrew.  Thank you for your questions.  There is no easy nor factual answer for either question.  I will start with the second one first.  With guitar you only have to concentrate on what your left hand is doing vs. your right hand while with drumming you have to sometimes be doing four different things at once with both arms and legs.  This makes it sound like guitar would be easier however with guitar there are six strings with dozens and dozens of different notes and possibilities of different chord changes while with drums it's more or less a steady beat with a few fills here and there.  So it's kind of a trade off of movement, ability and how fancy you want to be.  
That brings me to your other question of what instrument you should pursue.  I think there is a certain amount of soul searching for that.  That would be like asking if you should buy a house or a condo.  There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to both.  You need to follow your heart to what really excites you more.  With guitar you can be at front stage where everyone notices you or stay behind the drum kit near the back of the stage and be the main driving sound to every song.  It's all in how much you want to learn and how far you want to take it as well.  
I am also a drummer and have absolutely no desire to try guitar.  That's just what my heart tells me.  I wish you much luck and success in this adventure.

Steve Parker.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer. I was totally into drums before my parents came into the story. My parents are very typical. They only want me to study, nothing else. If I bought a drum set, they might have been angry with me. At last I was able to convince them just to buy me a guitar and that's because I write my own songs and some are even popular among my friends. That's past. So, I want to learn drums. Please suggest me some drum sets. My budget is 500$. Should I buy a tradtional one or an electric one? One of my friends use an alesis dm10 And another one uses roland v-drums. And, do I need a tutor or can i be self taught?

Thanks for the time.

Thanks for contacting me again Andrew.  If you are still with your parents, They are probably reluctant about hearing all of the noise from a drumset hence why they preferred you to try guitar.  I suggest you work out an agreement with them as to a particular time every day and length of that practice time.  I did the same when I was younger.  I got to practice every day at 5 o'clock for one hour.  Your parents need to support you in whatever interest you have and concessions need to be made on both parts.  
As far as what type of drums to buy, well as i implied in my first answers, there's advantages and disadvantages to both traditional and electric sets as well.  Electric sets are far more compact and take less time to set up and take down.  These sets can be turned up or down depending on room or location in which they are played.  The disadvantage I found with them is the over-all feel of playing them.  Your sticks will not resinate the same off the drums heads like on a traditional set.  If you opt for a traditional set, you may want to test a few out because different brands have slightly different sounds and feels to them as well.  Most drummers buy a kit similar to a favorite drummer they have heard before.   I had bought a Pearl set years ago because it was a high quality reliable name.  Years later I wish I had bought a Tama Kit.  
Finally, you can be self taught as I was however if you want to learn different types of rolls and para-diddles and that kind of stuff then some short lessons would be beneficial.  If you have a good ear for music and take your time learning then you will achieve a lot more.  I suggest you also watch and get some ideas from the following websites.  http://www.onlinedrummer.com/drumtv.php  and http://www.drummerworld.com/index2.html
Once again I wish you much success and contact me anytime.

Steve Parker.

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I was self taught but also took lessons from a prodomenent jazz drummer named Jim Rice.

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