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I have a rockland set that I bought a few years ago. Thanks to my wife...and ebay, I now have a second bass it's a Peavey. They are different sizes, 22x16 and 22x14. Is it possible to tune them to the same tone or close?

Hi Alan, Thanks for your question.  It is possible to tune both bass drums to sound simular.  You can do this not only by loosening or tightening both the front and back heads on both but also with the aid of blankets, felt strips, sponges or duct tape.  Hope this helps, good luck.

Steve Parker.

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I can help you with setup, tuning and playing techniques of your drums.


I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old so that's 40 years. I was self taught but also took lessons from a predominant jazz drummer named Jim Rice. I have been in several different classic rock bands. I have experimented with several different size and brands of drums.

I was self taught but also took lessons from a prodomenent jazz drummer named Jim Rice.

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