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Hi,  I have a Noble & Cooley  CD Maples 4pc that I am thinking of trading for a 4pc  Fibes.
The N&Cs are Champagne Sparkle , with Black Gibraltar Rims on all toms.  Sizes are  16x22 BD , 8x10,
9x12, 14x 14 toms , all suspended. In great condition. Made in 2002.

The Fibes are 10 and 12 toms , with rims, 14 floor on legs, 16x 20 BD. Made in the 90's , in Austin TX.   Good condition.

Sorry to go on, but is this a good deal to trade for the Fibes? Thinking about doing it, but not sure on Fibes value. Thanks for your time.

Hi, John--

This is a very personal kind of decision. I have not had personal experience with either set, but I can give you further input based on several things:

1. YOUR description of the two kits. You seem very pleased with the Noble and Cooley kit and they actually seem very good according to your description. You do not seem so excited about the Fibes kit.

2. The history of the two companies:

The Noble and Cooley Company was founded in 1854 and has kept the same name until the present. The company has twice teamed up with Zildjian to create unique snare drums. Your kit--the "CD Maples" is a set of custom designed drums (hence the CD) made to order. Drums in this series are made to individual requirements and the customer has some input in deciding what sizes of drums and hoops are to be used. This might account for the Black Gibraltar Rims.

The Fibes company had been sold four times before the kit in question was made. To be fair, the drums that were manufactured after the Austin plant opened in 1994 seem to have been well accepted world wide. Fibes is no longer manufacturing drum kits. This fact MIGHT add to the value of the Fibes kit.

3. The SOUND:

This is, in my opinion, the MOST important consideration. You need to play both kits, keeping in mind that the sound can be drastically altered by such things as heads and tuning. Do you like the sound of the smaller or larger bass drum, for example.

John, the thing is--monetary value is determined ONLY by what someone will pay for a kit. There is no "Blue Book" for drum kits. You did not mention why you were considering the trade, but I think THAT would be particularly useful in your decision-making.

If I could see and play both kits, I could tell you immediately which one I would prefer. Without seeing and playing them, I can tell you that I am leaning toward the Noble and Cooley
kit because of the BD size and because of the history of the company.

I hope this information will aid you in your decision.

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