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I am looking to buy my first set to learn to play on. I have found a great priced Enforcer set. Is Enforcer a good brand?

I am sorry Daniel but I am not familiar with the brand name "Enforcer".  It may only be sold in the United States while I am located in Canada.  It is important to buy something that is within your budget if you are just starting out.  After you gain some experience, you can either upgrade the kit or buy a better brand name that suits your style better.  While drums can be tuned to the style and sounds you most enjoy, the brand name plays a big part in their life expectancy and the type of hardware used within the kit.  Years ago I bought a Pearl kit because of its reputable name but years later I wish I had bought a Tama Kit.
I wish you much success as you start this learning experience.

Steve Parker
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I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old so that's 40 years. I was self taught but also took lessons from a predominant jazz drummer named Jim Rice. I have been in several different classic rock bands. I have experimented with several different size and brands of drums.

I was self taught but also took lessons from a prodomenent jazz drummer named Jim Rice.

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