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i have an orange county drum snare 7 by 13 and i put an evans hazy 500 snare bottom head on it and some puresound snares on it and i did what i did with others snare drum and i do not have this problem. i am thinking the size of the drum is the problem

Consider all variables with all constants and create a checklist covering all combinations of settings and adjustments. Go through the checklist until finding the desired sound. There are cases in which one component is clearly not designed for the rest, in which case that item would need to be replaced. Be sure that all the proper parts are being used.

Apply that broad concept of troubleshooting to your snare drum.

While it is possible that the drum itself might be the cause, it is unlikely, unless there are any mismatched or damaged components. I would have to have direct access to the drum to better determine the possible cause of the extra buzz. The size of the drum is only one factor to consider. To name a few other factors: drum head material(s) and thickness, type of snares, how the snares are mounted and how they are adjusted, and the condition of each component.

Unless you turn the snares off with the snare lever or manually mute the snares by reaching underneath and placing you hand or fingers directly on them, it is almost impossible to completely remove snare buzz, as there might be frequencies produced by other instruments or nearby sounds that could cause the snares to naturally react with a vibration. Although it there might always be some extra vibration from the snares, you can usually reduce the buzz by making adjustments.

The main causes of extra snare buzz tend to be either the tension of the head(s), tension of the snares, damaged parts, improperly functioning parts, and/or persistent conflicting nearby sounds.

If you create a troubleshooting checklist of all of the different combinations of viable components and their settings, then go through that checklist on your drum, you should be able to minimize the snare buzz.

Best of luck!

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