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cg conn cymbals #1
cg conn cymbals #1  

cg conn cymbals #2
cg conn cymbals #2  
I have two 7 inch C.G. Conn cymbals. They're pretty beat up and have PAN AMERICAN DIV - C.G Conn stamped on them, with wrist straps that are very old too. Just wondering if you can give me any information about them because I haven't been able to find anything on my own. Thanks!


I have seen only 2 sets of these cymbals.
Yours are the 3rd set.
I was told by a very experienced drum expert who had a set of these himself.
he was in his 70's and said that he used them in the 40's.
He told me that the PAN AMERICAN DIV were cymbals that were made for the military.

Hope this helps.


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