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I have a double bass harmony drum set that im lookin to sell,but im not really sure what i have or what would be a fair price for them.  It is an all black outer shell with metal hoops. not sure what kind of wood,almost looks like maple real blond in color but,the grain is a little dif.The kit is 2-22"kick,12-13-16"toms and a 14"snare(6-lug).There are no serial num.that i can find,nor are there any date or manufacture insignia. the tom mounts on the kiks are more modern.The legs of the kik how ever stick strait out from the side with no other ajustment.Only in and out.I do know that they were contracted through other companys for places like SEARS and MONT.WARDS but not much more than that.I have looked on line and cant seem to find anything about them.Can you help


Harmony drums were made either in Japan or Taiwan.
They are made of Phillipine Mahogany.
Harmony NEVER made a double bass drum kit--someone just added a 2nd bass drum.
The type of spurs that are on your drum kit, have a tendency to damage the drum shell--
either by cracking the shell or the extreme and breaking out a large hole around the spur.
Any drums with those spurs are meant for younger players or players who don't kick hard.

As far as price, is the hardware included?
Any cymbals?
Any cases or bags?

If it just the stack of drums, then $250--$300 is market value (If they are in good shape)
If the hardware is included, then you can add $100-$150

If there are cymbals, then I would need a list of brands, sizes,types and weights.

Hope this helps.


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