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Hey there, I have a dilemma! It's actually to the point where I may give up on playing drums. I am Jazz/fusion drummer and I've been playing for about 7 years. Lately, on certain grooves where it involves the hi hat and snare, my sticks inadvertently collide with each other screwing up my rhythm. Now every time I play on my kit, I get extremely frustrated and I end up hitting my sticks when they're not supposed to. It's a daily issue now and I can't enjoy playing to my favorite jazz tunes anymore because my mindset is that my sticks are going to collide at some point. This is causing me to play harder and louder than necessary due to my anger. I just bought new drum sticks a week ago and now they both snapped because I was playing too hard, something I would never do. Now it seems like my kit has a negative connotation to it. In other words, when I see my kit I think of anger and frustration and that's how I will usually play. I need help please. Could playing too hard cause stick collisions? What can I do with my sticks colliding? I've tried moving the hi hat and snare to different positions and my sticks are still freaking colliding. Otherwise I may just give up. Thanks for your time. Jim.

Jimmie.  There is no use getting so frustrated over something as simple as playing the drums.  It takes some people years and years to become even half as good as some of the professional musicians, in fact I am still not very fast when it comes to para-diddles and some other stuff.  Now you have started with the right steps by trying to re-position some of the hardware you are using.  You did not mention the type of sticks you are using.  When you bought new sticks were they the kind you have always used?  Do you hold the sticks with a match grip or traditional grip?  do you cross over the other arm when playing the high hat and snare?  I would first try a different weight of sticks.  I would then maybe try the other type of grip then what you are currently using.  I would also take a small break away from the Jazz/fusion style and try something different as to relieve the stress and anger you are feeling.  Playing the drums should be a feeling of reward for creativity and not be stressful by trying to over-perfect the art.  Let me know how things are going and hope this helped a little.

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I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old so that's 40 years. I was self taught but also took lessons from a predominant jazz drummer named Jim Rice. I have been in several different classic rock bands. I have experimented with several different size and brands of drums.

I was self taught but also took lessons from a prodomenent jazz drummer named Jim Rice.

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