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How many famous Jazz drummers, actually have Music or related degrees? ( P.S. is it necessary to become a Professional Mike? )

Hi Adam,

Good question. I think many of the older guys did not have a music degree. But some of those guys had the opportunity of going to "school" by having gigs in regional bands where the leaders "schooled" their younger players in music and the ways of the world (those opportunities are few and far between now).  Some of course did go to a traditional music school. Now lots of drummers do have degrees, but many don't. I would recommend finding a good jazz program (if that's your thing)and going for at least a few years. The degree itself is not as important (unless you're going to teach) as the education itself and contacts you'll make. Also, there are places like Drummers Collective in New York or the Los Angeles Music Academy.
Good luck and feel free to hit me back with more questions.


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