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Hi :)

I want to ask two questions regarding percussion instruments used in orchestra.

1. What are kind of practices to improve the skills of playing percussion instruments?
2. What are the functions of percussion instruments in orchestra, or any other events?

This is for my school project work. I hope you can help. Thanks!

Hi Edwina,

What a percussionist practices depends on a few things. Which instrument they are working on, wether they are trying to improve technique or learning repertoire and working on their sound. In terms of technique, lets talk about 2 instruments. First, snare drum. Perfecting the rudiments is a great way to work on technique. Rudiment info at: For timpani a percussionist will work on rolls and different types of strokes among other things. As I mentioned, a percussionist will also study the excerpts from the important pieces of the orchestral repertoire.
What I've mentioned here is a small overview of what should be practiced by an orchestral percussionist. Feel free to ask me more questions..
Hope this helped.


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