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please, can you tell me about Ludwig Walnut Cortex early 80s drum kit(blue and olive badge)..is it valuable like old 60s or 70s Ludwig vintage drums or not..How were the quallity Ludwig in 80s comparing to 60s and 70s...thanks!

These are a little harder to sell than the classic vintage ones from the 60's.  But the right buyer might give you a good amount of money ($1,000).  I think your set looks beautiful, and are very striking, but some may not like the dark brown.  They are high quality, and I would guess even sound better than the earlier Ludwig's.  It is a matter of taste, though.  The look may become popular again, but right now I don't think they are very popular. I think if you hang onto them, they will increase in value.  
When comparing the 80's Ludwig quality with earlier quality, I think these 80's drums are higher quality than most earlier Ludwig drums.  In the 80's they did start to make a lot of cheap junk though, that they did not make in earlier years.  In the 80's they had high quality drums, and low quality drums.  These are higher quality.  

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