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I'm a bassoonist who has dreamed of playing quads in marching band. Last year, I was in guard, but this year my director said I could be in drum line. I have no percussion background except for playing bells in jazz band. Lots of my friends know percussion, and my director is a percussionist. They could help me, but I only have a week until auditions. My director said I could play cymbals, which I wouldn't mind, but I really want to play quads!!! How do you read the music? How do I play? I'm confused and somewhat desperate. Please be very specific.


I have been playing for 50 years and teaching for 47 years.

I HAVE to be honest with you because this situation not only involves yourself,
but the entire band as well.

Here are my thoughts:

1--I doubt that you would make the auditions for the drum line.

2--You probably could not even carry the quads for an entire rehearsal or show.
(Quads--quints and 6's are VERY  heavy)

3--You learn to play percussion by taking lessons and practicing long hours.
It does not happen in a week or a month or a few months.

4--If I were you, I would either play cymbals on the field or mallets in the pit.
That way you would still be part of the drum section.

5--If you are either in 9th,10th or 11th grade, then you could take drum lessons from someone who is very experienced in quads and prepare to play quads for next year.
By studying and practicing for an entire year, you will have a shot at the auditions next year.

I told you that I HAD to be honest and tell you the truth.

Think about it.
Anyone who cares about you and is honest with you, will tell you the same thing.

I wish you the best.


PS---Please let me know what happens and keep me informed.
My email is  drumdoctor@live.com

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