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Hi Lynne,
I have a question. I have my nephew's drum set, but we need to move them. I was going to put them in my garage. I have my washer and dryer in the garage, I was wondering if the humidity of the washer and dryer can be harmful for the drum set. If there is no harm in storing in the garage, how and what can I use to cover the drum set?

Hi, Michelle--

I would not recommend storing the drums in a garage unless the garage is insulated, heated, and cooled in the same manner as your house is.

It is not so much the washer and dryer, although that would certainly contribute to the problem. It is the changes in humidity and temperature that are inherent in a garage environment.

The drum shells are made of wood and will contract and expand as a result of changes in temperature and humidity. The shells can warp and cause the drums to be unplayable. There will also be damage to the heads, although those are relatively easy to replace.

If you break the drum kit down (take it apart), it really does not take up that much space, as the drums can be stacked. Maybe you have a finished basement with temperature control? Or just some corner of a room would be good.

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