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Greetings Mike I have a Slingerland drum set with badge # 82722 blond maple and am curious as to it's relative manufacture date... I still have my first one too Little 20" Ludwig set from 1968... Thanks in advance...
Bob (drummer for the Maseltov Cocktails)


What drum is the 82722 badge on?

What color are the badges?


Slingerland drums are difficult to put an actual date on---mainly because Slingerland did not have any kind of control on the badges that had the serial numbers on.
They just put a bucket full of badges and the employees just grabbed a handful.
When the bucket got low, amore badges were added on top.
So higher numbered badges could be used on Monday and lowered number badges could be used on Tuesday.
If some badges got forgotten and found at a later date, they used those also, not worrying about the serial numbers.

With Slingerland, you have to take trhe entire drum kit into consideration.
Things like the tom mounts and brackets, the bass bracket, the spurs, the color of the interior, the number of plies and the kind of wood.
So you date Slingerland drums really by the ERA--not by a date.

Here are a few facts about Slingerland:

1--from 1928 to Sep of 1962---Slingerland drums had NO serial numbers.
2--Oct 1962 serial numbers started being used.
3--Many Slingerland drums have a date stamp inside them.
4--Drums were made in Chacago,Il from 1928--1961
5--Drums were made in Niles,Il from 1961--1986

If the badge is Brass & Black & says Chicago--it is usually from the 50's
If the badge is Brass & Black & says Niles--it is usually from the 60's
If the badge is Silver & Black & says Niles it is from the 70's (some 80's also)

If the interior looks like "chocolate milk"--it is from 1966-1970.

Hope all of this helps.

If you want to send me some pictures, I will try to get a closer date for you.
Send pics to  drumdoctor@live.com



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