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Hi Mike!  Can you recommend a good percussion repair technician in the Orlando area? I have a set of Ludwig timpani and I think the rims are warped.  Thanks!


I used to be the percussion repair guy in all of Central Florida and actually, most of Florida,
but I am now living in Tampa and have mostly retired.

BUT---what makes you think that your rims are warped?

Timpani rims are steel and unless they have been bent, they will straighten themselves out.

Take your rims off--turn them upside down and lay them on a solid floor---like terrazzo or finished concrete. (I have even used a basketball gym floor)

If they are perfect (almost no rims are) then they should be flat 360 degrees and be in contact with the floor, all the way around.

If there is one area where they are off the floor, then they are not flat---BUT--
-by careful TENSIONING of the head, they will straighten themselves out.
I did not say TUNING--tensioning and tuning are 2 different things.

If you have 2 used heads, then you can put them on and CAREFULLY TENSION the heads,
measuring the distance that the heads are pulled down.
You want them pulled down with more pressure than normal---BUT don't go crazy!
You'll do damage to the tuning mechanism!

I used dividers (Calipers) for this and/or you can count the threads on the tension bolts.
Depending on how "warped" the rims are, you can leave them for 24 hr to as long as you want to or need to.

I once left a set of rims on for an entire month!

I will be back in Orlando around Feb 23---Feb 25.
I could come by if you think that they should be looked at.

Contact me at   drumdoctor@live.com

Hope this helps.


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