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Drums & Percussion/Fair Market Value for 1969 Vintage Ludwig Gold Sparkle Drums


1969 Ludwig Gold Sparkle
1969 Ludwig Gold Spark  

I am trying to find out what a fair market price would be for the following kit.

Ludwig Vintage Drum Set
Made Feb 26, 1969

Serial Number   Drum
679475          14 Chrome Snare
696650          13 Tom -Tom
696052          16 Floor Tom
696037          22 Bass
Ride Cymbal bracket Cymbal Holder.   Bracket Holder for Tom-Tom on Bass Drum

Missing Lug Batter Hoop (rims) on Floor Tom and Tom -Tom, 16 and 13 Need 16

Camco Bass Pedal 1969

Ziedjian Cymbals
Ride 20
Crash 18

High Hat Cymbals=2

If you would like to see other pictures, I can provide them for you.

Thanks in advance


ANSWER: Dayna,

In order to give you a good estimate, I would need to see pictures of every drum, the cymbals,
the spurs on the bass drum, the floor tom legs, the tom holder and any damage to any drum.

I would also need to see pictures of the insides of each drum.

Also, is there any kind of stamp or date inside any of the drums?

You have to look close--they are usually very faint and hard to see.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Can I put the pictures in a zip file and upload that? Or is there and email address that I can send to? Also, have to wait for my battery to charge on my digital. My cell takes lousy pics :)

ANSWER: Dayna,

My email is

Please send the pics as attachments.

The zip files lately have not been working well---

I think I have a broken zipper!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Seriously (really??)---If I am still having trouble, I will send the pics to 2 friends of mine who own a vintage drum service.

One way or another, we will come up with a good estimate for you.

Happy Valentines Day and have a nice weekend!!!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you ever so much. As soon as the battery is charged, I will take the pics. Do you need inside pics all the way around? For the cymbals, I only have one that you can really see the stamp, but all are the same. Ziedjian Avendis. It does have the Turkish writing on top. One thing that I have noticed is on the snare drum, the date is Feb 7, 1969. The 9 is hard to determine if it is 9 or 8, but when I go by the Ludwig serials, there is no Feb 7 which is odd. The rest of the drums have a time stamp of Feb 27, 1969. also, found out that I am missing the center rod and one of the felts for the Hi-Hat. Would it be a good idea to purchase the missing items or just leave it. The Bass has original heads, where the others have Remo heads.

The Bass pedal is Camco Bass Pedal 1969.



If all the drums have the same insides and they are all in the same condition, then just the inside pic for the bass drum will do.

As I said earlier, if there are any damaged areas or problems, then I need those pics as well.

Your chrome snare drum has a date inside?

As far as replacing the missing pieces, give me a list of everything that is missing and my friends that have the vintage drum service will probably have those parts and they always have the best prices.

On the cymbals:  get a bright light and a magnifying glass and look CAREFULLY at the logos.

See if there are any that say "Turkey" or "Istanbul"

Do not be surprised at anything you discover in the world of vintage drums.

There are NO rules...  

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