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ok i have an old dw 5000 pedal but its pretty beaten up (rusty, paint is coming off, some other minor things)... it does work well though... can i take it to some place for restoring? or, can i restore it my self (paint it take care of the rust)? what do you recommend? thanks!


If your pedal is working well, then it should be an easy restoration job for you to do.

it is also very satisfying because you did it yourself.

Clean the pedal VERY well---sand it down (use 150 grit paper)--tape off the parts that don't get any paint--spray whatever color you want on it (do several thin layers)--let it dry for 24 hours--sand it down again with 220 paper--spray some clear SPAR polyurethane in several thin layers--let it dry for 73 hours--take the tape off and enjoy!!!

Please contact me if you need any more help.


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