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Shim repair Ludwig Tom tom
Shim repair Ludwig Tom  

Shim repair 2
Shim repair 2  
Hi Mike,
I just bought a 60's Ludwig 3 piece set. It was shipped from a music store in Iowa. When inspecting the drums I was disappointed to see a small wood shim between the upper hoop and the side of the drum on my 13" Tom Tom. Is it typical to use a shim to repair a drum? How much does this decrease the value of the drum? Is it likely this will cause problems in the future? Should the shim be replaced with some type of wood filler?
Thanks for your help.


I have seen just about everything in this crazy drum business.

It is very possible that the Ludwig factory used a wood shim to fill a

big gap between the reinforcement ring and the shell.

A shim is way better than any wood filler.

Is the inside of that drum white or natural?

Can you send me any pictures of that shim?

My email address is drumdoctor@live.com

Let me look at those pictures and I'll tell you what I see.


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