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I just got a kit from a friend, been in storage for 30 plus years... the badge on the kick drum is from 1961-62 black & brass no serial # but the tom & floor tom have no badges on them & are stamped inside september & october 1961 with a P stamped inside also, should the toms have a badge??

There should be a badge on the bass drum and the snare drum. Some of the older Slingerland drum sets do not have badges on the toms if they were part of a set of drums that included the bass.  If there is no reason to question that they are a matching set, I would not question the missing badges.  I think it was made without badges.  
I don't think the fact that it was made without badges affects the value at all.  Sounds like a cool kit.  Sorry for the delay, I was out of country.

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