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Hi Mike,

I want to learn drums but unfortunately it might be a few months before I am able to buy a set. Should I practice on a pad until then or is it something you should do only if you are playing on a real set?

Thank you!


Yes, you should be practicing on a pad at least 30 minutes everyday.
Drumming is very physical, so by using the pad, you will begin to build up the muscles
that you will be using when you are drumming.

BUT---I hope that you are taking lessons.

A good teacher can help you to play correctly and not develop any bad habits.

Playing incorrectly can cause problems from sore muscles to carpal tunnel.

There are complete drum sets that are made of practice pads.

Sometimes you can't play on a real set because of the noise---
that is when the pads are handy to use.

They make a great set of pads that just lie on the drums and stop 98% of the noise.

Hope this helps.


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