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hello, my name is Austin Blanchard i actually met you when i was very little and just starting to play drums... the reason im contacting you is because im building a custom stave drum set...i had a few questions about how to go about buying the hardware and the cheapest route to getting the hardware. i know its going to be pricey but ive always wanted to do a whole set since ive built my stave snare drum


Well I wish you luck.
Take your time.

The 3 hardest things about building a drum kit are;

1---The layout---it takes a long time and you have one s
  shot to get it right.

2--Cutting the bearing edges.

3--Wrapping the drums.

Believe it or not, a lot of the time, it is cheaper to buy
   an entire drum kit and use the hardware from that kit.
Then you can turn around and sell the shells.

 I was getting most of my hardware from Drummaker.com
Sometimes you can get a sale.
I haven't bought parts in a few years, so you might do
a search and see if there are any other distributors out there.A

A lot of thought MUST be given to the choice of the shells.
Sureyou can use any drum for any music--it's just that
some drums work better than others in certain situations.

For example, I have a very small church / club kit.
It has 10", 12" & 15" toms---but they have been reduced in depth.
The kick drum is 16 in and sits in a cradle.
I use a 4x13 wood snare drum.

I would not use that kit for a rock gig in a big venue.

The wood type, sizes, edges and shell thickness are all
important factors when putting together a custom kit.
Even the rims have an affect on the sound.

Please feel free to contact me at my regular email (drumdoctor@live.com)
if you want to discuss the shells and anything else.

Hope this helps.

Mike Fillion---the "Drum Doctor"

Look on craigslist and other ads sites.
There are all kinds of drum kits out there.
Guys who are not serious sell their drum kits
because they need money or some guy has a spare kit.

I bought a nice Pearl Ecport (5 Pc) for $100
But the best deal was a 9 pc. Tama kit for $100.

Look around---they are out there.

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