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Have a new set of Gretsch and want to re-cover them in Copper Mist Nitron. Is the color available?

Well Please note; there were two Copper Mist processes.One involved paint over the wrap and one was just the Nitron wrap.
The nitron colors were lacquer on the earlier 3 ply drums and not being wraps, as a result, they can often be badly chipped, some of the later 6 ply were a wrap.

The nitron finishes were Cadillac green (which was the only one with gold hardware), copper mist, black and white and were'50s era finishes available only for a few years. The green used for Cadillac nitron green was taken from the color Gretsch used on one of their guitar models.*

So the possibility of getting this finish depends on the supplier, if u can find one..........

Have u tried contacting Gretsch first;
If you need customer service for your product, please visit their warranty information center.
If you need to speak to a Gretsch representative, you can email them at:


So thats a wrap


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