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Hoping you can tell me more about my old drum.  It's all wood with animal skin on both sides.  Along the upper and lower wooden rims, there were once some type of brackects now gone.  The spacing suggest that the supported ropes and not metal rods I have seen on some drums. Diameter is 14.5" and the depth id 6.75".  The olny metal parts are shown in the photos.  I was able to somewhat look in the interior through the small hole and it is all wood inside.  The painted decoraton appears original. I have been unable to find the insignia anywhere.  Hoping you can tell me something about it, age, origin, etc. Thanks. Pete

Hi Pete,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Cool drum.

Let's start with the metal piece in the photo. That is part of the mechanism that holds the snare wires (or they may have been "gut" snares) in place which causes the drum to sound like a snare drum as opposed to a tom tom. That type of snare mechanism along with the calf heads having hoops instead of being stretched directly on the drum, make me think your drum was manufactured somewhere in the neighborhood of 1880 to 1920. I'm not positive on that. I'll also guess because of it's size and the other things I mentioned, that it had tension rods on the outside as opposed to being a rope drum.

Often with drums of this age, the manufacturer has some information on a paper "badge" on the inside of the drum. You should be able to lift the top (wooden) hoop off, then take the head off and peak inside. It's possible with age that it's stuck on there and maybe you could try the bottom head.

Hope this helped a bit and let me know if you find a badge on the inside.


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