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I am a piano player. In piano sheet music shuffle rhythm is often written as eg. eight notes. In drum notation, on the other had, it's often written as tripplets with a pause in the middle. It looks like this: http://www.freedrumlessons.com/media/drum-lessons/rock-drumming/blues-shuffle-be
Why do you write shuffle rhythm with tripplets in drum notation instead of eight notes?

Hi Andrew,
Great question.

A shuffle written in triplets with a rest on the middle note, that's written as you would play it. When you see a shuffle written in "straight" eighth notes, there should be a "key" at the top left of the page with: 2 eighth notes = a quarter note, then an eighth note with a triplet sign over them. It might also say something like "swing eighth notes".

The straight eighth with a key would tend to be the older way of notating a shuffle.

I hope that clears it up for you and if not, feel free to get back to me.


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