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Yama Musik Power Drum Set
Yes it does exist because I have a set, 22x14 kick, 12x10 tom, 13x11 tom, 16x15 floor tom, but no info any where on the internet, no one knows about the brand or company or anything, not any of the local music stores or any drummers, hope you all can answer the big question, who is yama musik, when was this drum set made??????? thanks.


I have never heard of it either.

If that is the case, then I think that it is not a separate company, but
a brand that is made by one of the major companies / factories that make several drum brands for music stores, mail order companies and whoever can afford to have their own brand.

The last time I checked, there were around 8 or 10 of these mega-factories located in
China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and  South America.

If you had enough money, you could have "DINO" drums on the market.
The more generic they are, the less money they cost.

For example, I just got a flyer from Universal Percussion.
A 5 pc. kit in their brand is only $199.(This is a dealers price)

Hope this helps.


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