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Hello I recently rearraged my drum set to discover my hi hat won't open,tried taking apart the whole assembly to retighten the under nut and put back on the top cymbal with washer fabric washer and the screw part but cannot get the top cymbal to reopen.

Hi Chris,
Without seeing it, its kinda difficult to offer u an instant solution.

So here's the break down of the hi hat assembly.

The hi-hat tends to comprise of the following parts:
You got the foot pedal which is fixed to a rod (which goes inside the bottom tube,in-between a spring assembly is attached to give tension when u depress the foot pedal, then a long metal threaded rod screws in that, with a hexagonal nut on the top, which is in turn connected to a threaded rod which goes thro the high- cymbals, which has an adjustable clutch assembly fitted on the top cymbal, which tightens on to the side of the top rod to hold in firmly in place, the bottom cymbal is free to balance on a plastic molded part which has a curved top piece for the bottom cymbal to rest on, usually with a felt washer on top, to support it and prevent any damage to the cymbal."Pause for breath"

The whole assembly has a 2 stage metal tube over it to encase and protect the inner assembly, the top tube has the ability to move up and down to allow different height settings for the bottom cymbal.
This allows the user to press on the foot pedal, which pulls the top cymbal to the bottom one resting on the plastic cup, when it makes contact, it produces a "chip" sound.

Easier to play, than to describe it!

Sure hope it helps............

Let me know

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