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QUESTION: Hello. I am wondering is there a big difference between new cymbal and 20 years old. With time and playing the edge of the cymbal become not so straight as in new once. Does it influence strongly on cymbal sound ?

I have an offer to buy 20 years old Zildjian K Dark thin crash 17" for 160$. This cymbal has also iron ring assembled somehow in the center "to prevent breaking the hole"

What will You say ? does the cymbals became old, used with playing ? is the sound change (maybe even goes out of tune ?)

Thank You


ANSWER: Hi Wojtek,

Some old (20 years isn't that old for a cymbal) cymbals sound better than some new ones. If a good cymbal (K Zildjian's among them) doesn't crack or "keyhole" (center hole going out of shape) age doesn't really matter. If anything they can sound better with age. Original K's made in Istanbul before they were made in the U.S. are highly valued.

I would be cautious of any iron added to the center hole. This can affect the sound in a negative way. In addition, there may have been some key holing. Have you played the cymbal? Personally, without seeing it though, I wouldn't buy a cymbal with iron adhered to it.

If you play a used top of the line cymbal and it has no cracks or key holing etc., and like the sound (very important!) there should be no concern with it's age.

Good luck and play on!

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QUESTION: The link to this cymbal with iron ring in the center - have You meat something like this ?


seller says that it come to Europe from USA with this ring.


It may have come fro the U.S. like that but that doesn't change anything I said in my previous communication. Personally I probably wouldn't buy it. If you play it and are happy, then it's up to you. Do you have many choices of cymbals where you are? If you have some other choices, I would compare sound, price, condition etc.
Good Luck.

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