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I have an old Jen-Co vibraphone (don't know exact year), and I'm looking for post insulators and damper felt to replace.  Everything else is in good condition.  Any ideas?  Will other brand insulators/felts fit the Jen-Co models?


You can use any type of felt for the dampner (as long as it is almost the same thickness)
I have gotten the felt from Jo-Ann and Michaels craft stores.
I have also gotten it from a military surplus store.

The same thing goes for the post insulators.
You can use felt or rubber.
Any type of felt or rubber (like rubber washers)

You can get some good felt, cut it into squares (or circles) and
put a hole in them with a single hole punch.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to call me if you need any more help.

Mike--the "Drum Doctor"--407-953-5007

PS---Remember to lube ALL moving parts.
The best lube is Teflon based.
Just read the labels.
It may say "PTFE"--that is the base chemical for Teflon.  

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