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QUESTION: I having too much problem in building my double bass speed. Earlier I used to play with all my leg muscles and could reach 150bpm easily,but some 8 months ago I started trying the flat foot technique to gain more speed. But in spite of trying for so long, I can't even get to 130bpm properly now. I am getting really frustrated over this. Let alone improvement,my abilities are rather deteriorating. Can you please help me with some tips?

ANSWER: Hi Juel,
Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I'm on vacation and haven't been checking my emails.
What type of exercises are you doing?

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QUESTION: It's all right sir. Thanks for replying. Anyway,I am trying to play straight double bassing at a certain bpm (mostly 120-130) for how ever long I can hold. But the result is not being that good.

Hello Juel,

Have you tried the heel up, rocking your heel back and forth method?

Also try doing doubles and paradiddles between your feet.

Make sure your legs are relaxed. Our natural reaction to speed is to tense up. This is the worst thing for us to do. Make sure you are relaxed and start slow. Gradually increase your metronome.



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