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Scott wrote at 2009-06-14 16:50:58
I came up with a way of removing the grease caps without drilling any holes.  I'd read elsewhere that using heat from a propane or similar torch to heat up the housing the cap is pressed into, being careful to not heat the cap as well, so that the expansion of the housing would allow the cap to come loose would work. But then it was pointed out that this would damage the paint or the finish of the metal, and could damage or warp the housing and/or bearings as well.

I was thinking about this problem later, and had a sudden brainstorm. What if instead of using heat to expand the housing the cap is fitted into, you used COLD to just shrink the cap?

So here's what I did: first I sprayed some WD40 around the edges of the cap and let it soak into whatever microscopic gap there was between the cap and the housing. Then I grabbed a can of air used to blow dust off of computer keyboards. If you spray this air as directed, the temperature of the air is cool, but if you invert the can and spray while it's upside down, the spray comes out as a super-frigid liquid (cold enough to cause instant frostbite on your skin, so be careful!) Using this method I squirted the center of the grease cap for a couple of seconds until it was obviously frosted over. Then I gave it another squirt of WD40 to lubricate what I hoped was now a slightly opened gap around the grease cap. Another very quick squirt of 'liquid air', and then I tapped the pedal housing sharply a couple of times against a piece of wood (the edge of my work bench) so as not to damage the housing, and the cap popped out. Voila!

The entire process took about 3 minutes.

I hope this helps someone out!

Todd wrote at 2013-12-02 03:10:05
You were doing great until you recommended drilling the pedal.  To get the caps off without drilling, protect the metal with a cloth and use a hammer and hit it right below the cap.  It will pop off after 3 or 4 raps.  Put the drill down....  :)

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