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Rythmn Man wrote at 2008-01-10 21:00:19
I've been playing for 35+ years. I have a set of Rogers R-380s that I use as a practice kit and gig with sometimes (i.e., outdoors or low paying venues). Despite some of the negative comments you'll find on the net - they are not all accurate - I'm sure some of these people have never even touched a set of these. For example, the R380 is an intermediate kit and the 14, 16 toms and 24" kick are very good. The 10" is a not as resonant but passable. They are head and shoulders above some of the brands listed above. According to the Rogers book the 1st generation R-380 shell was made out of select asian hardwoods, has an oval badge, and were made by YAMAHA in 1968 (.. one of the best drum makers on the planet). This is the kind I have.

The 2nd generation has a squarish badge and is made of 9-ply mahoganny. They were made in the early 80's probably in Taiwan.

These drums are roughly 40 years old and are holding up quite well. The hardware is passable. I had to replace the snare strainer and tom mount holder. The snare is snappy and I've had good results using it on a recording once. Of course the R-380s are not my 'go to' kit (I use my Yamaha Recording Customs for that) but it sounds just fine - and beats the hell out of a Pearl Export kit.

Rythmn Man wrote at 2008-01-10 21:02:48
Oh yeah - Rogers has been started up again by (drum roll please..) - YAMAHA!

The first entry is an intermediate level kit.

TIMMY wrote at 2008-09-03 19:12:25
whats up guys i just picked up an 18 in white floor tom in perfect condition if yor interested in it i have no use for it and need to move it. you can contact me at my email if so. its a R380 WHITE

Truefan wrote at 2010-06-02 16:42:23
I own a set of R380 and have no squams with it.You guys may as well trash Tama,Pearl,new Ludwigs,etc.not to mention Yamaha!!!Really not bad for light gigs/practice.

Larry Walsh wrote at 2011-11-25 15:57:23
I just purchased a Rogers 38 drum set.  I know nothing about drums.  I bought the drums at a local garage sale.  I live in Cape Coral, FL  It has 4 drums and a snare drum.  5 Total.  All are marked Rogers 380.  It is a maroon color.  I would love to send you pictures.  They do not have what he referred to as skins.  All other parts are there according to him.  My email is larry19461946@comcast.net  

chokebore/christian wrote at 2012-05-28 03:50:12
Rogers r-380 are fine drums if you find them for cheap, they were made by yamaha for rogers from 1968-70 if you use remo white coated heads and know to tune they sound great, they are not the most sought after by drum snobs but they will do the job just fine. I bought mine in wmp color for a 100$ from a pawn shop I've used them in many recordings with trillion stars,shadow project,daucus-karota etc and they never failed me. I have a red umber 12" tom I don't need if your still looking for toms.they did make some r-380 and r-360 in the 1980s those don't seem good at all, but by then most drums were made poorly

lawrence e maesch wrote at 2013-08-03 21:30:08
I bought the r380 set with the stongest and massive hardware ever built still to this day, Its a 1983 and I got it brand new and I stil play it and have had no issues with the drums or any thing. Mahogany is the best wood to use for sound. It is used in all guitars and now DW is using it and maple in there finest drums. As far as I can see DW is the only drum com. that's at or a little above my R380 set. My drum teacher is a professional drummer and told me to never sell it unless I get the top of the line DW drums. He said they r they only drum comp. that's building the good drums in along time. I agree with this!!!!  

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