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sjser wrote at 2012-11-14 20:27:07
ZHT are Zildjians best sheet bronze, vs ZBT or ZXT.  It's got different lathing and is generally the highest quality sheet bronze Zildjian sells.  They're thinner and sweeter than the other 2.  I have 20 cymbals on my kit - A's, A Customs, K's, K Customs, Sabians and Paiste - BUT have a 20" ZHT ride that I will not get rid of.  Sabian XS20 is a nice airy cymbal, but ZHT's are louder.  Sheet bronze? they bring it in the door in sheets and stamp the cymbal out of it, then do their thing - very consistent sounding.  The higher end are cast blobs of bronze that are worked at the factory - slight differences.

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