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Artisan Plaster wrote at 2012-11-06 18:05:12
DO NOT MIX paint with plaster. That is a terrible idea. Colored plaster is my specialty... Nothing looks worse than paint mixed with plaster or hot mud unless you want your house to look like a cheap motel. If you are not working with a quality plaster company used to dealing with colored interior finishes than you can use the tints at your local paint store.  Take a sample of your wall to the paint store and find a paint color that is close. Bring an empty container with you, quart , gallon etc. Ask the paint store to shoot you 5 gallons ( or any amount you want to try) of pigment for the color you chose into the jar minus the white. Weigh a pound or two of structolite, and then add the color. Measure how much you add and test it to find the right shade.  I use syringes, but you could use measuring spoons.  Once you have the amount of pigment needed to color a pound  to the right shade, you can reproduce it in any quantity.  

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