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budwarren wrote at 2011-04-08 15:14:04
First off - To the Sister of Bill Walker:  I am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.  I had the opportunity to meet Bill in his Ashville NC shop on several occasions, and found him to be a likable fellow.  To me his work was art and from the heart.  I bought my Dulcimer from him, at his shop in September 1986.

To Gary:  If you have not purchased a Green River Dulcimer yet ....  I have one in excellent condition! for sale.

angela k davis wrote at 2014-07-03 00:48:40
This is Angela Kirkland Davis and I had the extreme pleasure of working in Bill's beautiful shop in Historic Biltmore village for five and a half years. I was hired right after he passed away but I can say he made the most BEAUTIFUL mountain dulcimers. He chose a variety of soft and hard woods

The types of wood had more of an effect on the sound than the shape. The lighter the woods -the brighter more crisp the sound whereas the darker woods created a warmer smooth sound.

I met Bill's family over the years and they were all the most kind hearted, open and all around good folks. The decision to close fell more onto his business partner & her son who she tried to groom into taking over which as you can see,,,,didnt work out.

McSpadden Dulcimers out of Arkansas-would be the very next best option. They used to have a Beginners package including carrying case, instruction book/and tape.and you had choice of hourglass or teardrop shape and either walnut or spruce top.

good luck..sorry this response came so late.i now have epilepsy and vision is rapidly flying south.  

Snoozy wrote at 2015-06-27 03:49:50
I have a hammered dulcimer made by Green River Dulcimer shop in 1989.  It was put together from a kit which was later returned to the shop for the shop to put it together.  Several musicians have been quite impressed with not only the craftsmanship, but also the sound quality.  After sitting in its case for many years, it hardly needed tuning!  

I am in need of replacing some of the strings, however, and unfortunately, it did not come with a string gauge chart, and I was wondering if anyone with a Green River hammered dulcimer has knowledge of the string gauge needed for the 12/11 made by this company.  Music stores were unable to help me in measuring the gauge, and since the store has been closed for a while, it has been hard to find this information.

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