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I am considering buying a Warren A.May all cherry dulcimer from Down Home Guitars  a great acoustic shop in Frankfort, IL (south Chicago Burb').  It does not have a 6 1/2 fret and I was wondering if it can be added without affecting the instrument. They say they have a good guy who can do it but do you know of anybody in the south or west Chicago suburbs who can do that. As a FYI I have been playing for 3 years mostly Dadd but also Daaa.


Bill in Monee

Hey Bill - a competent luthier should easily be able to install a 6 1/2 fret without affecting the sound or playability of the instrument - the key is to fine a "competent" luthier. It's not brain surgery, but it is a process requiring some skill to get it right. Sorry, I don't know any Chicago-area luthiers, but check around with guitarists, music stores - you'll find the right person. You want someone familiar with working on acoustic instruments. Maybe try these guys - but I don't know them and can't recommend



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