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I have a custom ordered Dulcimer From John and Shirley Naylor. I am trying to find what is worth. I have had no luck in doing so. It is labeled and has a hand written number on the label. 9314449DF2 Any idea as to the value and they best place for me to find it a new home? Thank you

Hard to say -- the Naylors ran the Dulcimer Factory, which was a mass-production setup -- as the following reference will tell you, the quality, playability, etc., were quite variable. I don't know if your dulcimer is a solid wood dulcimer, or one of the plywood ones cranked out, and it is very difficult to put a price on it. I've seen dulcimer Factory dulcimers go for $250-$300 on EBay, and there are usually several on there, since there were so many made - over 30,000 at last count. With a "DF" in the serial number,and the shape, I'm guessing it's a plywood model, which would put it on the lower end of the food chain. Sorry I can't be more helpful - I'm not that familiar with Naylor dulcimers.


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