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My name is josh Clayton and I came across a very nice looking peice hand crafted by Fellenbaum Dulcimer Work shop in Black Mountain, NC.  There is a signed label inside stating: Aug 1987 No. 629  I am a drummer and don't know the first thing about this beautiful instrument.  I am looking for a honest bit of information on it from anything to rarity to value if possible.  I have a few pics also.  I hope you can help.  I would sure appreciate it.  Thank you again!  Joshua Clayton

Fellenbaum dulcimers are,indeed, fine instruments, I've played several of them, and he's still in business. Suggest you contact through his website http://celticmandolins.com/ to determine the value of the dulcimer. His sell for a starting price of $425 and a list of options brings the price up -- It's hard for me to tell what sort of wood is involved from the photos, but the soundhole rosettes would bring the price up by $55 - exotic woods also raise the price,as does the scroll headpiece. Given that you  have the serial number of this particular instrument, I'm sure that Tom could tell you right away. I've been to his shop, by the way, met him - very nice guy indeed.

Sorry I took so long to answer this question - I've had some personal matters which have kept me tied up for some time....all apologies.  


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