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Hello, John.  I have a dulcimer that my parents bought for me in Berea many years ago. It is signed on the inside by Warren May and numbered #3421.  It was never used and is in perfect condition, with the exception of a broken string.

I would appreciate knowing the value, if that is knowable via this modality.  Thank you for your assistance.


Hard to say, Sherry -- Warren is still building dulcimers (and they are excellent by the way) and his prices run from $375 to $800. I don't know just which model you have, but here's his website: http://www.warrenamay.com/dulcimers/ Might I suggest, since you own a fine dulcimer, that instead of selling it, you learn to play and cherish it. There are so many dulcimers out there, including some very fine ones, which have been turned into "wall hangers" for decoration purposes, and it's sad. Yours has never been used? then by all means, USE it! That's my two cents worth


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