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I have acquired a dulcimer in an estate sale it is an artist mountain dulcimer made by the dulcimer factory. the sr# 88-0221
it sounds wonderful.can you give me ant idea what I have and maybe an idea of its value

The Dulcimer Factory in Texas was a mass production company and cranked out thousands of dulcimers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. By reputation, some of them, especially the earlier ones, were great, but quality subsided after the company was sold and production became more important than quality. You see them on EBay all the time for around $200-$250...some were solid wood, some plywood, with the solid wood being a better instrument in general. Your instrument's cash value is probably somewhere in that range. However, let me make a suggestion - if it plays well, if it sounds great, and if you want to play, if you love it, then keep it and play it. I've got two primary dulcimers - a Stockard and a Simerman -  that I wouldn't part with for ten times what I paid for them. To me, they are truly priceless, and that is where their value lies - in how they resonate with your soul, not in what you can get for them on EBay.  


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