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Hi Tracy, Just want to ask some questions:
1. Why the concerts (on-tour) of Duran Duran Starting August 25, 2012, were canceled? (according to duranduran.com)

2. What was the story behind the New Moon on Monday 14+ minutes music video, and do they have other videos similar to that?

3. I have seen a playlist in a concert, saying it's a tribute to a girl/ lady. When I googled it, I was that this girl/ lady died recently. How is she related to the band.

4. Old concert in USA which I found in youtube.com, when they were singing hold back the rain. There is one singer who backed-up Simon just singing "Hold back the Rain!" But he's not a member of the band. Somehow he looks like Warren. Who's that guest back-up singer.

I'm really a die-hard fan of the band, I'm sorry if I ask a lot of questions, but I'm very grateful always that you answer them.

Thank you.

Hi Bernard!

1.  The concerts in August of 2012 were cancelled due to the fact that the keyboardist Nick Rhodes was very ill.  I'm not sure what was wrong with him, possibly a bad case of the flu, but I do know they cancelled their dates because he was too sick to perform.

2.  Sometimes when Duran makes videos, they make them too long, only to discover they are not short enough to be aired on television (back in the Mtv days).  So once they have been edited they save the extra footage for fans to see on later videotape or dvds.  There are other videos that are quite long including Wild Boys and an extended version of Girls on Film.

3.  As for this question, I have never heard of such a tribute, I cannot help you with that question.

4.  As for the back up singer from Hold back the rain, I know that usually it was andy that would sing the backup for that song but you said the person was not a member of the band, unfortunately i do not know who that could've been.

Here are some websites you can check out, and someone there might have answers to your questions.  www.lizardkingduran.com   www.duranduran.com

Thanks for your questions!  Hope I was of some help!

- Tracy

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