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I was just at the Duran Duran concert in Vancouver BC and Nick Rhodes was not there.  Simon said he was having some family issues and could not make it.  Do you know what is up with Nick?
The concert was so awesome brought me back to being 16 again. I think I'm in love with Simon all over again LOL.

I have not been told anything definite, no one has.  There is only speculation as to his absence.  All we have been told is that he had to leave the tour and go back to England due to a family emergency.  I believe his daughter lives in the United States so the only family emergency I can think of is maybe something happened to one of his parents.  Last I heard, I believe they were both still alive, so it's possible something has happened to one of them and he had to fly back home immediately.  Or it could be some other family member that he is close to.  No one really knows the true story at this moment, and even though it's really none of our business, I hope that we are all informed sooner rather than later.  He has been gone for awhile now so it's probably something very serious.  

You may be able to find some answers on their official website at www.duranduran.com

Thank you for your question, I'm sorry I was not of much help.

- Tracy  

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