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Dutch/Spelling of surname : Lyandjyk


Hi Philip

Do you know how to spell the Dutch last name, sounds like,  LYANDJYK ?

Thank you  LISA

Hello Lisa,
The name that you refer to must be Luyendijk or Luijendijk, both pronounced the same way. It is indeed a Dutch name. The pronunciation for non-Dutch is quite hard as there are 2 phonemes in it that are particular to Dutch, the "ui" (old Dutch "uy") and the "ij". The closest I could explain in writing is Loyendike. In fact, the latter half "dijk" is indeed the word "dike".
I tried to find the origin. Normally, a family name can be traced to a location. However, there is no such town that I can find. So maybe this family actually lived at a dike. there is one with that name near Amsterdam, and another near the historic town of Brielle (



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