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We have just heard of a very good friend whose husband died on Dec. 24th.   In the USA we would send flowers, attend the funeral or memorial etc.,  But being here in California and family is in Netherlands we obviously didn't even know about it until too late.  Is it tradition to send flowers or a memorial donation in the Netherlands?  We definite would call and/or write to them but wondering if that is enough?

Hello Bobbi,
First, my condolances. It must be sad to lose this very good friend and then not be able to say goodbye.
As I have answered such a question before, I will paste the text below. Additionally, I would like to suggest to send a condoleance card to the family. A donation is not something I would do.

What I think in this case is indeed to send flowers. Maybe this is obvious but just to be sure; you can order a florist here to send it so that they arrive intact and to reduce the cost.
For instance, Fleurop ( delivers anywhere in the Netherlands. I could not find a switch for English. You will be looking for a "rouwboeket";
The rest should be obvious, their layout is rather logical. Only when you are about ready to order can you fill in text for the riboon ("Vul de tekst op uw rouwlint in").
And I just found this English website for you:
Other than that, a card would of course be nice, for the family to keep at home after the funeral.
Please let me know if I can help any further.



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