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Dutch/Old Dutch/German Family Given Names


I've run across names that may be a mixture of Dutch/German/Prussian names, to which I cannot find pronunciations online. These are from my genealogy. They are
Sytge (a female)
Alet (also female)
Greitjen (which I'm assuming is pronounced like Gretchen, although I've seen it's another name for Margaret)
and the surname Pletjes.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Debbie,
Not all of these names sound Dutch.
Alet could be the Dutch name "Aleit" or "Aleid". If you Google the latter, you will actually find a Dutch writer. It is pronounced "A-LAID"
Greitjen to me sounds like "Gretchen" which I believe is German. You could pronounce it "GRAI-tchen".
Alletjen would be the dimunitive of "Alet" so again "Aleid". The "j"  in this name is pronounced as "y" so somewhat like "Al-LET-yen"
Pletjes does sound Dutch or Belgian so it might indeed have this as an origin. You might pronounce it as "PLAT-yes".



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