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How did Bob's home life influence his lyrics later on in his life?

Hi Chad,
I believe that other than the location, Duluth and Hibbing, Minnesota
(which he did mention in several songs); there was very little about his home life that influenced his song writing or lyrics. Bob knew early on that he would be moving on to seek something that was very
important. He came to New York City as Robert Zimmerman and became
Bob Dylan.  Bob mentions in several interviews that this is not something that his father or mother would have wanted for him. Yet the songs came from another place. There were no struggles to keep him home , I believe he had established himself as someone with a goal to go somewhere and achieve something very early on.  He had a band and played in highschool. When he did go to the University of Minnesota, it was not to study. He wrote and played music. He left and was driven to begin his dream.
Influenced by Woody Guthrie he began to listen to all types of music.

When he arrived in New York he immediately wrote and began playing Folk Music at the Gaslight. Some of those early recordings, (which you can find today on Utube) are magnetic,  brilliant.  He captured the heart of New York City. We waited and hung on every song.  
Bob had a recording contract approximately four months after arriving in New York .  That in inself should tell you something.
No, I cannot say that his style was particularly loved by everyone, but when Bob Dylan took the stage, the magic of the emotion and lyrics combined by a brilliant tune made him the legend he is today.

Now we are privileged to hear the brilliant arrangements and re- arrangements of his earlier work. Each time taking on a new life.

I hope this answers your question.  

Dylan, Bob

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