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Dylan, Bob/"Wasn't Born to follow" and "Ballad of Easy Rider"



What's the story with "Wasn't Born to Follow" and "Ballad of Easy Rider"?

I've read that "Wasn't Born to Follow" was written by Dylan, but most sites credit Carol King and Gerry Goffin (correctly, I think).

"Ballad of Easy Rider" *was* written by Dylan (and Roger McGuinn). But, while "Ballad of Easy Rider" seems an entirely different song from "Wasn't Born to Follow," the title is often used for "Wasn't Born to Follow." (E.g., see uTube clip.) And some sites refer to it as a "rewriting" of "Wasn't Born to Follow," even though it seems to in no way resemble "Wasn't Born to Follow."

What's the story?

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Hello Steve,
The song is one and the same and has been arranged or shall I say rearranged for the film.   As you may or may not know Bob Dylan songs have been used by many. I am sure at the permission of Mr. Dylan himself, but you may hear "Watchtower" , played by Hendrix written by Dylan in so many variations that you may not recognize it.   There also may be an arrangement done specifically for a film.
as "Desolation Row", one of the greatest done recently in "Watchmen", by My Chemical Romance.  Go on and on.  "I got you Babe", Sonny and Cher, "It Ain't Me Babe, Johnny Cash, "Let It be me", the Everly Bros.  Some songs made famous by others are hardly remembered to written originally by Bob Dylan.  In this case, I am sure it was worded as such as "rewriting" for legal purposes. Just as if there is someone writing a song in the future called, "Hey Tambourine Man", they will have to say "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man", as rewritten by, whoever....
What is in a name?  Apparently everything if it is written by Mr. Dylan.  The Easy Rider, was not Born to Follow.     

I hope this helped,

Dylan, Bob

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