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I was wondering what it was that kept Bob Dylan out of the military service after college, since he was the prime age for the draft at that time. Thank you

Dear Thom,
After college? Bob went to college for a short time and followed his music dream. You know he did not "attend" as your normal college student, he was just there and then left following what became one of the most important musical careers in the world. Living in Greenwich Village at that time, the entrance of Bob Dylan to the music scene instantly changed the importance of poetry and music as a means of communication in New York City and then the World. Obviously you realize that....

Prime age for the draft yes, was his name and draft number actually called, I doubt it because there was no publicity about it at that time and it would have been a huge news item. As he did have people handling his personal affairs the contribution he made to civil rights movement and what people "thought" to be his politics in general were most likely considered.

Mr Dylan supports the veterans he does not support war as a way to solve problems. Bob Dylan
was a national icon at the age of 20. He was an advocate of civil rights and participated in
the march on Washington. That being said, if called upon to serve or if it became mandatory for him to serve he would have done his duty. Bob wrote and writes letters to veterans who it is possible for him to communicate. Several stories about Bob sending post cards to veterans are true. He sincerely thanks them for everything they do to protect and serve the United States.

Many musicians and artists of that importance were given options. Many had special assignments.
Many had politicians behind them to write letters which gave them options.  Bob Dylan an international figure,had people handling his best interests.  There were also other factors.

It is believed that the ideas of Bob Dylan and his music had a great impact on the beliefs of young people.  Bob is not someone who preaches, but rather his words and music allow you to think about your own personal options in life.  

Some countries had his music banned.  True.  Some parents had his music banned from their homes.
I do not know your age Thom, but all of this was definitely taken into consideration before drafting Bob Dylan into any branch of the service. Did Bob Dylan like what was happening at that time of the Did he speak out about it and That was not what he wanted his music to represent. His music does represent brilliant ideas and our own inner thoughts and decisions we must make for ourselves. Any further questions or comments will he happily answered.  

Dylan, Bob

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