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I'm trying to make CDs to sell on eBay and am having trouble. The problem is that I want to make a product that packages 4 CDs together in a CD box and have the CD labels and the design on the outside of the box look professional. I also don't have funds to order from a company that has a mium order if 1,000. I want to start off ordering 10-20 and then increase the amount I order at a time as I sell more. I'm having trouble finding a company to do this. Where can I have this done?

Hi Joseph,

I would do internet research on "drop shipping" and "Drop ship" keywords - this is a term where you can buy 1 piece from a supplier and have it sent directly to your customer without you having to prepay or buy inventory  - i think this is the service you should ask your suppliers about

hope this helps-  and good luck!


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