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E-Commerce, Web Businesses/Should I use my real name for my online business if I have a full time job that may be a conflict of interest?


I am currently working in sales full time. I am also setting up an affiliate marketing business online and may possibly be selling products from my full time jobs competitors. I have taken the time to pay for an LLC and I also applied for an EIN number to eliminate my social being connected to my EIN number. If I would like to Affiliate Blog under my real name for branding are there possible legal ramifications where I could loose my job? I would like to be myself as opposed to a fake sur name online but I'm torn?

Hi Keith,

I'm almost hesitant to answer this question - as I'm not a lawyer - but I will try my best to give insights.  You can have an LLC that owns the domain / web business, and you can be a blogger / author of the website - as your real name.

But, as far as breaking your employment contract - what contract did you sign?  

I would think of it this way:

You work for your current job / company

You're opening a new company (your LLC)

You're hiring yourself in this new LLC

You will compete with your current job / company

Whether you do this as a pen name or as your real name, you need to read the employment contract of your current employer - do they have a non-compete clause?  

I would think they do have something like this in your contract, and therefore I would be very careful about this.

I'm not a lawyer - but I hope this helps break down the situation for you to consider.


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